LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train 10194

LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train 10194


LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train

  • This classically-styled train features a steam locomotive with furnace
  • Lots of authentic touches including elements in rare colors and all-new large train wheels with piston motion
  • Includes 3 minifigures
  • Train measures 68cm (27.2 in) long
  • Contains 1,085 pieces
  • Features opening tender, dining car with removable roof, opening doors and detailed interior

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Product Description

LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train 10194, Here comes the Emerald Night. Build this incredible classic-styled train with loads of amazing details, from the steam locomotive with furnace to the opening tender and dining car with removable roof, opening doors and detailed interior. Motorize your Emerald Night by adding LEGO Power Functions #8882 Power Functions XL Motor, #8867 Flexible Train Track, #8878 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box, #8887 Transformer 10v DC adapter, #8884 Power Functions IR Receiver,#8870 Power Functions LED Lights, #8879 Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control.

LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train 10194

LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train 10194 – First Engine of the new PF Era

Great model to assemble and wonderfully detailed, LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train.

This was Lego’s first engine and car for the new Power Function’s (PF) train system. PF motors and infrared control devices are now common across a number of Lego product lines (e.g., Creator and Technic). If you have the old 9 volt system (which many Lego users were sorry to see discontinued) you can attempt a modification and place an old motor unit on this new train (others are doing this to varying degrees of elegance); axle width has not changed. If you have either of the RC train sets (7897 and 7898, which were brought out after 9 volt in 2006), those units have their own motor and infrared units (i.e., non-PF). PF and RC use the exact same track.

What do you need to run this train? This set does not come with any track or any of the motors or infrared receivers or control units. It track is not available at Amazon, check at Lego. The PF units are usually a little more difficult to source and the best selection is typically directly from Lego. The PF units required for this train are: 8882 (1 XL motor), 8884 (IR receiver), 8878 (battery), 8879 (remote control), 8887 (transformer for the battery). You can also add a light (8870). The cost of these accessories is usually more than the Emerald Night set itself. Also, the PF Motor Set #8293 is NOT designed for the Emerald Night; 8293 is designed to power a number of Technic sets.

Comments on the set: It is not much of a stretch to say that this is the most finely rendered steam engine that Lego has ever offered for sale. The engine it most closely approximates is a British Pacific Class A3. The set compares nicely to the best of the 9 volt era sets (e.g.: 10020 Sante Fe Super Chief, 10022 and 10025 Santa Fe passenger cars, 10133 BNSF, 10170 TTX, and 10183 Hobby Train). With the Emerald Night, Lego is introducing new driving wheels. If you look closely at them, you will notice that not all of the drivers have flanges (so called blind drivers); this allows the train to negotiate curves that would otherwise be too tight. When Lego announced the Emerald Night, they released a short video of the train’s designer, Jamie Berard, discussing the set. I recommend that you find the video on the net as it will give you a better sense of the scale of the train and its novel features. As of late 2009, at least one Lego representative has stated that they will not be producing stand-alone passenger car sets for the Emerald Night.

Of all the Lego trains currently available, this one is the most difficult to build and the drivetrain sometimes requires tinkering. There have been a few discussion threads in the Eurobricks train forum about small modifications that can increase reliability.

In April, 2011, Lego introduced set 10219, a highly realistic American freight engine with two container cars. This new set is arguably a category replacement for the Emerald Night.