About Us

Hi introduce my nickname Legolona,

Feels strange sounding answering my name because I’m a guy, but that’s what happened to me. I’m happy with LEGO toys and have several collections like LEGO Technic and LEGO Space. When I was a kid, my friends call me by name Legolona, I do not understand what it means. But I just thought, maybe because of my passion in playing LEGO improper instructions LEGO book, I am happy to combine LEGO blocks fit my imagination.

At that time I did not understand the meaning of Lona, and sometimes I feel the word is ridicule or nickname unfavorable.
But when I grew up, I realized that the word Lona means canvas in the Spanish language. The canvas itself can weigh down the field for painting, Maybe because I often change within their shapes LEGO guide book, so they calling me by name Legolona.
Together with partners, we decided to create a site information for LEGO toys, and we chose the name legolondONBridge.com because this name has a special meaning. LEGO London Bridge name can be a philosophy;

  • For the word LEGO is a famous brand name toys, popular and you definitely know it.
  • The word London is the name of the city, artistic city, this town to be the inspiration for many people in presenting the works of herb, like the story of Harry Potter.
  • And word Bridge, this is an important word and become a special meaning for us. Because with the bridge, we can cross the bridge and up to the destination.

And we hope web legolondONBridge.com with this name:

  • LEGO toys can be a tool, to develop children’s thinking and imagination.
  • Completing a LEGO game, meaning solve a persistent mystery and foster the spirit.
  • Can change LEGO toys over the original form is the power of creativity development.
  • And many things that can be done with LEGO toys. You will find even more after having a miraculous collection of LEGO.

Wish u all the best

5 – March – 2015